Paver Restoration

paver restoration

Although some manufacturers claim their pavers look ‘new’ forever – the reality is that all pavers weather and require cleaning to restore their “new” appearance. Think of sealing your pavers in the same way you would polish and buff your floors or wax your car. The process restores the original beauty and protects them from future staining. Fortunately with the revolutionary, new system – Seal ‘n Lock – you can erase the mellowing effects harsh weather and daily living can have on your pavers.
Boca Raton Pavers cleans and enhances your pavers in just 1 day! Other systems require 2-5 days. Is ecologically safe and child/pet friendly cleans the sediments that develop over time from natural elements like rain, snow, and rotting leaves Is an aesthetic consideration – you can choose a matte finish or a richer sheen, plus protect against future staining caused by natural elements and food mishaps …and when performed by a Boca Raton Pavers Landscaping Sealing Specialist, you can be assured that the job is done right! Paver Restoration by Boca Raton Pavers!
10 Easy Tips to Help You Restore and Seal Your Brick Pavers:
1. If need be it is best to level any pavers that may have settled unevenly. Lift the unlevel brick and level the base by adding slag or heavy sand base. Do this prior to any sealing.

2. It there is an excessive amount of weeds and grass growing in the joint sand, it is best to use roundup first. This will kill the root system of the weeds. This reduces the chance for weeds to reoccur. Do this a week prior to pressure washing.

3. Pressure wash all pavers to remove dirt, grime, and weeds. Make sure to rinse thoroughly. Use a cleaner if you need to remove spills such as oil, rust, or efflorescence.

4. If you have an old sealer that has failed and turned white, it would be a good idea to remove the coating first. The use of a paver sealer stripper and a pressure washer will be required for this step.

5. Let dry for 24+ hours then sweep in sand if needed between the pavers. Make sure the sand is dry as wet sand will not fill the gaps. When done it is best to blow off the excess sand with a leaf blower. The sand should not be level with the top of the pavers. 1/4" below the top is best.

6. If you choose to spray your paver sealer make sure that you saturate the pavers at the correct square footage. One issue is that a lot of consumers under apply the sealer when spraying. Make sure that it is uniform as well.

7. If you choose to the roll the sealer it is very important to not "pull" the sand out of the joints, leaving it all over the pavers. This is one of the reasons we suggest the sand be down a 1/4" from the top.

8. Make sure that when applying the sealer that you are also saturating the sand. Paver sealers will help harden the sand, minimizing erosion and weeds.

9. Let dry for 2-4 hours for foot traffic and 24 hours for vehicles and heavy furniture or grills. Make sure that your sprinklers are off as well for 24 hours.

10. Applying a solvent will restore the shine giving your pavers new life. The Aromatic 100 Solvent is designed for this. It is very easy to do and cheaper then sealing. We suggest doing this during the off years of sealing so your pavers keep looking great.